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Kendall Jenner’s ‘Offensive’ Pepsi Ad Receives Major Backlash

Kendall Jenner’s new Pepsi ad has received major backlash from people accusing it of exploiting the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the two-and-a-half minute commercial the model, 21, ends a multi-racial protest by simply handing a police officer a can of Pepsi.

But the ad that was revealed on Tuesday, April 4, hasn’t been well received, and Twitter has been flooded with comments both berating and mocking Pepsi and Jenner.

I can’t believe Kendall Jenner ended police brutality and white supremacy with a can of Pepsi,” wrote one user. “Not bad for a girl with no talent.”

Another wrote: “What a disrespectful ad. People are being arrested and dying fighting for justice. You solve it with Pepsi. Heinous.”

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Nikki Bella Is Furious After Brie Misses a Major Business Call on Total Divas

Brie Bella is in trouble with Nikki Bella on Wednesday’s Total Divas!

In this clip from the episode, Nikki and Brie are supposed to call in for an important meeting with their agents, but when Brie doesn’t call in and Nikki can’t reach her, she gets upset.

“Like honestly, what is up with Brie right now?” Nikki says. “I keep calling and calling…I don’t know what’s going on with her, but I just feel so unprofessional right now.”

When Nikki finally gets a hold of her sister, Brie apologizes and explains what happened.
“Literally, I’m here at the hotel, there’s zero Wi-Fi,” Brie tells Nikki.

Brie has been traveling with Daniel Bryan while he works, which is why she has to rely on the hotel’s Wi-Fi, but Nikki isn’t in the mood to hear any excuses.

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Kim Kardashian Braless White Tank for Lunch With Khloe

It must be a weird life to have a camera following you everywhere you go. For Kim Kardashian, that’s not only the paparazzi in public, but the invited-in reality show cameras that track her every movement. That is, unless you absolutely live for the attention, then it’s probably an amazing feeling. I can’t even get a stranger to take my picture when I ask nicely. There is some power to Kim’s relative stature.

Kim and Khloe were filming some kind of lunch outing for their show about a family of 30-something women who eat lots of salads. Best I can figure. Kim made sure to put on something comfortable, which consisted of a sheer and tight white top without a bra that bared her funbags to the world. Many babies suddenly became thirsty. As did many ogling gentleman. We share many traits. One thing you can never say about Kim, she doesn’t do anything for free. Gratis show of the big mams. Donations only. Enjoy.

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Kailyn Lowry Shows Off Massive Baby Bump…

Kailyn Lowry Shows Off Massive Baby Bump On ‘Teen Mom 2’ Special — See Pic

Kailyn Lowry is the picture of pregnancy perfection in this adorable photo from the set of the March 6 ‘Teen Mom 2’ special, which shows off her giant baby bump. Check it out here!

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry, 24, is expecting her third bundle of joy and we couldn’t be more excited to see her new little one arrive. But until that day comes, we’re happy enough to watch her flaunt her massive baby bump on the March 6 Teen Mom 2 special.

“Catch us LIVE tonight after the all new episode of #teenmom2 tonight,” Kailyn captioned an Instagram pic she posted of herself and fellow Teen Mom star Leah Calvert, 24, on March 6 ahead of the MTV reality TV series’ special. Kailyn looked absolutely glowing with a giant, gaping smile on her face and her beautiful blonde hair tousled around her face. Kailyn was dressed extra comfy for the occasion with some fashionable black yoga pants, a casual black blazer, and an olive green top. Way to keep it cozy, mama!

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‘Marvel’s Iron Fist’: TV Review

After the successes of ‘Daredevil,’ ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘Luke Cage,’ Marvel and Netflix have their first big misstep.

After three straight creative successes, three above-average character introductions, the partnership between Marvel and Netflix was due for a dud.

This isn’t to say that Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have been shows without flaws. Marvel or Netflix’s insistence on doing 13-episode seasons in a format that demands no such rigidity has left each of the shows feeling strained at different points. Each show, though, has had virtues of tone and aspiration that made it feel like a complicated superhero TV code had been cracked.

Debuting on Netflix on Friday, March 17, Iron Fist feels like a step backward on every level, a major disappointment that already suffers from storytelling issues through the first six episodes made available to critics and would probably be mercifully skippable in its entirety if it weren’t the bridge into the long awaited Defenders crossover series.

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Alec Baldwin Offers Donald Trump Heartfelt Twitter Advice

Baldwin appears to have genuine sympathy for Trump when it comes to social media.

Beneath that wig and bronzer, Alec Baldwin appears to have actual sympathy for Donald Trump, whom the actor has been expertly impersonating for months now on Saturday Night Live. At least, Baldwin seems to have sympathy for the president when it comes to matters of social media.

In a new interview with USA Today, Baldwin offers Trump some Twitter advice, even drawing upon his own experiences with the social-media platform.

“The President of the United States should have his office do the tweeting,” suggests Baldwin, while promoting his new animated movie The Boss Baby, in theaters March 31. “I had a very strange relationship with Twitter, because in the beginning, I thought it was an opportunity for me to communicate directly with my audience. And I tried to do that.”

“Therefore when people picked a fight with me, whether they were mean to me or they spit on me in the digital world, I got angry,” continues Baldwin. “And I would get into these rants with people. And I stopped and said to myself, ‘What the hell am I doing?’ And you let it go.”

Indeed, in 2013, Baldwin explained his decision to quit Twitter to Vanity Fair. Fortunately for Baldwin’s 200,000 followers, though, the Emmy winner ultimately returned to the platform after coming to a realization about social media.

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